– Comfort & Thermostat

Main Features

HVAC Control

• Supports 2H/2C multistage conventional system and Heat Pump system
• One-touch AWAY button to save energy while you are on the go
• The 4-period and 7-day programming fits perfectly with your life style. Program your schedule either on the device or through the APP
• Multiple HOLD options: Permanent Hold, Temporary Hold, Back toSchedule
• Automatic heating and cooling changeover
• Fan cycle mode periodically circulates air for comfort
• Compressor short cycle protection delay
• Failure protection by cutting off all circuit relays after power outage

Information Display
• 3.5” TFT color LCD divided into two sections for better information display
• The default screen displays the current temperature/humidity, temperature set-points, system mode, and schedule period
• Display time, date and day of the week in a separate screen
• The system working status and fan status are indicated in different backlit colors (Red for heat-on, Blue for cool-on, Green for fan-on)

Unique User Experience
• Screen lights up for 20 seconds when motion is detected.
• Interactive wizard guides you through the quick setup without hassles
• Intuitive and simple UI to ease the operation even without user’s manual
• Smart rotary control wheel + 3 side-buttons for easy operation while adjusting temperature or navigating menus

Wireless Remote Control
• Remote control using mobile APP by working with compatible ZigBee Smart Home Systems, allowing multiple thermostats to be accessed from single APP
• Compatible with ZigBee HA1.2 with complete technical document available to facilitate the integration with 3rd party ZigBee hubs
• Over-the-Air firmware upgradable via WiFi as optional

Future Upgrades

• Shows you the temperature/humidity outside or other indoor locations using remote temperature/humidity sensors
• You could choose the onboard sensor temperature, any remote sensor temperature or the average temperature to be compared with set points temperature
• Sends you notifications if the temperature gets too cold or too hot
• Auto heat cut-off at or higher than 99°F (37°C); Auto heat cut-in at or lower than 39°F (4°C)
• Equipped with both ZigBee Smart Energy and WiFi modules to interface with Smart Meter and Cloud Server at the same time