Make your home a smarter place

• Plug & Play to build your Smart Home in a few minutes.
• Start your Smart Home journey with minimal effort and investment.
• Gradually build up a complete Smart Home with up to 50 various devices under your roof.

In the Box

Home Automation Gateway x 1

• ZigBee HA coordinator
• WPS for quick WiFi connection
• Accessible from cloud and local
• OTA firmware upgradable

LED Bulb x 1

• ZigBee enabled
• Compatible with most luminaires
• On/Off dimming
• Tunable white

Wireless Switch x 1

• ZigBee enabled
• Remote on/off switch
• Easy to install
• Long battery life

Smart Plug x 1

• ZigBee enabled
• Remote On/Off control
• Run on schedule
• Energy measuring

Door/Window Sensor x 1

• ZigBee enabled
• Easy mounting
• Long battery life
• Low battery warning

Main Features

Mobile APP
Use your mobile phone to monitor and control your home anytime, anywhere

Smart Plug
Appliances remote control and energy management

Schedule your lighting and appliance working hours

Immediate notification when someone breaks in

Remotely turn your lights on/off with your mobile phone