Brighten your home in a blink

Available in our Supreme Kit

Smart Gateway

Cloud Server

Smart Phone

• Plug & Play to convert your Smart Lighting in a minute.
• Dimmable and tunable white LED.
• Turn on/off your lights individually or all together (using the Mini Remote).
• Use Smart Gateway to control your lighting from anywhere using your mobile phone.

In the Box

Tunable White LED Bulb

• ZigBee enabled
• Compatible with most luminaires
• Dimmable and tunable white
• More than 80% energy saving

Dimmer Switch & CCT Tuner

• ZigBee enabled
• On/Off dimmer switch
• Color temperature tuner
• Easy to install

Remote Control

• ZigBee enabled
• Control up to 4 LED bulbs
• On/Off dimmer switch
• Color temperature tuner
• Lights status feedback
• All-lights-on, All-lights-off
• Rechargeable battery backup

Home Automation Gateway

• ZigBee HA coordinator
• WPS for quick WiFi connection
• Accessible from cloud and local
• OTA firmware upgradable

HASS 7000A (Starter Kit)

HASS 7000B (Elite Kit)

HASS 7000C (Supreme Kit)


Main Features

Wireless Control

Use wireless switches and remote control to control your LED bulbs anywhere in your home

Dimmable Light

Rotate to set the most comfortable brightness for different scenarios

Color Temperature

Personalize your lighting from white to warm (2700K~6000K)

Energy Saving

Save 80% energy at same brightness

Mini Remote Control

Multi-functional remote control gives you extra freedom and much more…

Mobile APP

Use your mobile phone to monitor and control your lighting anytime, anywhere