For home application

— Brighten your home with one click

OWON Smart Lighting Solution is a powered by standard ZigBee Light Link technology that allows its
devices to interface seamlessly with a number of mainstream lighting systems in the market. OWON offers
a variety of white-labeled lighting switches and remote control to the industry with special design on the
practical features, user’s experience and sleek outlook, which become perfect complement to the existing
ZLL lighting systems from all major industry players.

OWON also offers simple and cost-effective complete lighting system enabling the users to transform their
home to a smarter and cozier living space with minimal efforts and investment. Hassle-free installation,
convenience and comfort are the theme of OWON’s smart lighting system.

Hassle-free Installation
OWON’s system offers the quickest way to convert your existing lighting to an integrated smart system.
This is to be done through replacing your household light bulbs with ZigBee-enabled LEDs for various smart
applications. With the help of ZigBee-enabled LED bulb, you could remotely switch on/off the light, dim the
light to the most comfortable brightness, adjust the right color temperature for different scenarios, or even
choose the light color for special occasions.


One of the best features of smart lighting is versatility of control, which means you do not have to be tied
to a dedicated wall switch to power a light. Although the popular way is toward controlling lights wirelessly
via apps on smart phones or tablets, let’s imagine how many clicks you will have to make before you could
actually switch On/Off a light. But with OWON’s Smart Lighting solution, you could now simply switch On/
Off a light using a ZigBee wireless switch or remote control.

In an OWON system, each converted light could be paired with and remotely controlled by more than one
Wireless Switch. It allows you to control your lights from anywhere in the house by sprinkling Wireless
Switches around in your home. With the help of a Mini ZigBee Remote Control, the users are further allowed
to integrate multiple groups of lightings into a single system, so as to monitor and control the whole-home
lighting with a Mini Remote in hand.