HEMS 2000

OWON Smart Meter CAD consists of a smart energy gateway SEG-X3, the mobile application and the cloud server. Equipped with both ZigBee & Wi-Fi connectivity, SEG-X3 is able to collect energy usage and pricing information from the Smart Meter; while forward the data to customers’ mobile devices locally or via the Internet. This enables consumers to check on energy usage and receive alerts not only whilst in their house but also anywhere else away from home.

Customers could either install the mobile application on their own devices, or choose OWON’s preintegrated tablet IHD707 with the mobile application already installed. Users could then choose from the following three options in accessing to the Smart Meter information:

A. DIRECT LINK: Connect mobile devices to the gateway’s Wi-Fi signal and retrieve data directly from the gateway
B. WLAN: Register the gateway to a local Wi-Fi network, and use mobile devices to visit the gateway locally within the Local Area Network
C. CLOUD: Register the gateway to a Cloud Server, and use mobile devices to visit the gateway remotely via the Internet

Key Components:

• Smart Meter
• Smart Energy Gateway: SEG-X3TM
• Mobile Application: SmartOWON
• Tablet: IHD707 (Optional)
• Cloud Server: or third party Cloud Servers