For Utility Application


– Bring substantial value to the end customers

There has been massive deployment of Smart Grid infrastructure and Distribution Automation solutions in the past years, which brings considerable benefits to the utilities and the energy sector as a whole. Time is now ready for the second movement by encouraging active customer involvement to maximize the value of Smart Grid deployment. However, there seems to be an insurmountable barrier between the industry and the end customers. Government legislation, customer education, complimentary devices and even monetary incentives, none of the above could actually break the ice and fundamentally inspire the passion of the end customers. It seems that smart customers may not care about “Free Junk”, but they would pay for what they perceive to be VALUABLE. By deploying universal industrial standards and partnering with major industry players, OWON aims at bringing intuitive and substantial VALUE to the end customers.

  • Introduces home-friendly industrial design and user-friendly UI into the In-Home Display (IHD)
    concept, thus to increase the attractiveness and practicality of the IHD devices
  • Delivers Customer Accessible Devices (CAD) and mobile apps to convert customers’ smart devices
    into a smart energy platform, offering enhanced users experience without sacrificing the costeffectiveness
  • Utilizes Smart Energy Gateway to integrate practical control features and fun gadgets into the
    Smart Metering HAN, thus to increase the customer initiative and willingness to be involved
  • Helps the end customers to actually save their energy usage and money spending

OWON has been engaged in Smart Metering deployment projects since 2011 by offering In-Home Display, Customer Accessible Device, and Programmable Communicating Thermostat to the Utility industry. The team has successfully deployed ZSE1.2 stacks and followed UK SMETS2 standard in our Smart Energy products enabling the interoperability with a number of mainstream AMI systems and Smart Meter suppliers such as Trilliant, Silver Spring, Itron, GE, Siemens, etc.

In addition to the individual ZSE devices, OWON also provides a Demand Response Management Solution centralized by a Smart Energy Gateway SEG-X3. In parallel with the Utilities Demand Response framework, the system also allows end-users to easily monitor and control their pool
pumps or PCTs away from home using a mobile App. The Energy Gateway interfaces with the Smart Meter and the load control devices within the Home Area Network using its ZigBee connectivity, while further bridges the HAN to the Cloud Server via broadband.