Invest in EnergyCite

  • Customer uses EnergyCite app for monthly license fee

  • Exclusive patented technology allows consumers to see how much power they’re using, how much it’s costing, and remotely controls their energy use.
  • Product research and development successfully completed at a leading Chinese company called Lilliput
  • Through its predecessor, USCL, EnergyCite raised $3 million for its product development and patent prosecution phase

There’s always risk with any investment.  But EnergyCite’s patented energy management system will give customers something they’ve never had before – they will know how much power they’re using and how much it’s costing them as they use it.  And they can remotely control their energy use. No more waiting for a bill at the end of the month to find out how much you used and how much it cost you.  This is a real-time solution for a real-time problem.  Thanks to their patented cutting-edge system topology technology no other company in the world can offer what EnergyCite will offer without infringing on EnergyCite’s patents and risk of litigation for system providers and utilities.


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