HASS 6000V – Video Kit

Key Components:
• IP Camera: IPC801

Video Surveillance
Simply leave the IP cameras at home wherever with WiFi coverage, you are then able to monitor your front door and backyard, keep an eye on your sleeping baby, and watch over your pets even you are away from home.

HASS 6000S –Security Kit

Key Components:
• Door/Window Sensor: DWS302
• Motion Sensor: PIR303
• Smoke Detector: SD304

Home Security Monitoring
OWON home security kit consists of various ZigBee enabled security sensors, which join the Home Area Network and further connect to the Cloud Server, so that the periodical sensor status and alarm alerts could be forwarded to the user’s mobile devices remotely.

HASS 6000A – Automation Kit

Key Components
• Smart Plug: WSP403-HA
• Smart Lighting: SLC601-HA, SLC602-HA
Smart Plug
The Smart Plug allows remote On/Off control of home appliances to save energy and prevent the appliances from overheating. Meanwhile it could measure the energy usage of each appliance and forward the information to the user’s smartphones or tablets. The Smart Plug is also an ideal tool in converting desk lamps or floor lamps into smart lighting. Moreover, by working in conjunction with the Home Automation Gateway, the Smart Plugs will be able to run at a user-defined schedule.
Smart Lighting
Users could transform their ordinary lighting into a
smart system simply by inserting the ZigBee power relay – SLC601 into the existing circuit. The user will then be able to control the lighting On/Off using their mobile devices, a remote control or the ZigBee wireless lighting switch – SLC602. By working in conjunction with the Home Automation Gateway, the lights could be turned On/Off according to schedule.

HASS 6000C – Comfort Kit

Key Components:
• Smart Thermostat: PCT501-HA
• Split A/C Control: AC201-HA

Central Temperature Control
By replacing the ordinary thermostat with the ZigBee enabled Smart Thermostat – PCT501, the users could integrate their central heating system with the Home Automation Gateway. Thus allows the users to monitor and control their home temperature using the mobile devices anywhere anytime. The system also supports 7-day scheduling and multiple hold options.

Split Air Conditioner Control
With the help of the ZigBee/IR converter – AC201, the system converts ZigBee protocol into split A/C’s IR commands, which enables the users to control the Split A/C using mobile devices either locally or away from home. The AC201 is pre-configured with IR code-sets that work with most main stream split A/C models on the market. The system could also study new IR codes when rare models are encountered.

HASS 6000E – Energy Kit

Key Components:
• Power Clamp: PC301
Whole Home Energy Monitor
Users could clamp the Power Clamp onto the main power line within their Circuit Breaker Board. The whole home instantaneous power will be then detected and forwarded to the Home Automation Gateway, where the data will be calculated and analyzed before eventually displayed on the user’s mobile devices. Thus the users are able to check on their energy usage including instantaneous power, accumulative power consumption,
history data and more.