Smart meters: Itron dives deep with new ultrasonic meter

June 12, 2018

Itron has unveiled its new Intelis water meter, the company’s first ultrasonic water metering solution for North America that allows utilities to take advantage of the power of data.

When coupled with Itron’s multi-purpose networks OpenWay Riva and Gen5, the meter is able to provide utility service providers with real-time information they require to better manage the delivery and use of water, according to a statement.

The new meter will provide utilities with advanced metering infrastructure and a wide variety of water management capabilities to offer smart utility services, help reduce operational expenses and consumer bills.

The launch forms part of efforts by Itron to expand its offerings within the North American water market and help customers realise the full benefits of investing in smart.

The ultrasonic solid-state solution utilises edge intelligence to track flow usage patterns at the meter level, setting a new standard in intelligent water metering.

The Intelis water meter will be available in North America in Q4 2018 and will be compatible with the OpenWay Riva network. The meter will be available for the Gen5 network in the first half of 2019.

Key features of the Itron Intelis water meter include:

  • No hardware maintenance, high value – With no moving parts, the meter will maintain the same accuracy throughout its lifetime, requiring no hardware maintenance while effectively meeting AWWA standards for residential meters.
  • Real-time intelligence – Real-time alarms and flow data from the meter coupled with an OpenWay Riva water module will enable utilities to respond quickly to backflow, leaks or theft.
  • High-quality hardware – The high-quality, robust polyphthalamide polymer exceeds the durability demands of the industry’s traditional metal-based meter bodies.

The unveiling comes at a time when Itron is shipping more than 13 million water meters per year.

Ben Gardner, president of Northeast Group, commented: “Research indicates that over 80% of utilities are looking to invest in smart water infrastructure with a clear trend toward two-way communicating meters over one-way. As water utilities continue to embrace smart water solutions, the introduction of new market offerings such as the Itron Intelis water meter is great news for the sector.”

“Itron has delivered ultrasonic metering technology to utilities around the globe for more than 15 years. With the new Itron Intelis water meter, we are bringing our global expertise in water metering to North America,” said Gavin van Tonder, president of Itron’s Water business line.

“With the introduction of the Itron Intelis water meter, utilities not only have an opportunity to add substantial efficiency to their smart infrastructure, they are also empowered to better address the needs of customers with real-time metering data. By tracking flow usage, utilities can improve the efficiency of their water distribution systems and detect leaks to reduce wastage and improve resourceful water usage.”