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Smart Metering in Home Devices

For Utility Application – Bring substantial value to the end customers There has been massive deployment of Smart Grid infrastructure and Distribution Automation solutions in the past years, which brings considerable benefits to the utilities and the energy sector as a whole. Time is now ready for the second movement by encouraging active customer involvement …

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Mini Smart Lighting Kits

HASS 7000 system is a simple and convenient ZigBee Light Link (ZLL) profile based solution. It enables the users to realize their Smart Home dream with minimal efforts and investment. Households could simply replace their light bulbs with ZigBee-enabled LEDs for various smart applications such as remote On/Off, dimming and even the adjustment of color …

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Smart Lighting Solutions

For home application — Brighten your home with one click OWON Smart Lighting Solution is a powered by standard ZigBee Light Link technology that allows its devices to interface seamlessly with a number of mainstream lighting systems in the market. OWON offers a variety of white-labeled lighting switches and remote control to the industry with …

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Software Application

Solutions SmartOWONTM Description SmartOWON mobile app is is a simple and easy-to-use way to control your home automation devices from anywhere at any time by logging your mobile devices either to the OWON gateway or compatible cloud servers. Available for both Android-based devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc. and iOS-based devices such as iPhone, iPad, …

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Home Automation & Security

At the device level, OWON offers a variety of white-labeled ZigBee Certified devices in compliance with ZHA or ZLL standards, including Home Automation Gateway, Smart Thermostat, Split A/C Control, Smart Plug, Power Relay, On/Off Dimmer Switch, Remote Control, Range Extender, etc. In addition to providing off-the-shelf models, OWON is also highly experienced in providing our …

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ODM Services

Transfers your ideas to a tangible device or system Delivers full-package service to achieve your business goal. Core Competencies Technlogy-oriented strategy that enables the sound capability of R&D and technical implementation; 20 plus years of manufacturing experience backed up with a mature and efficient supply chain; Stable and consistent human resources as well as active …

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Embedded Computer System Solutions: Ember, TI, Freescale, Samsung, Gainspan, ST Operating System porting: LInux, Android, WinCE, uCOS Peripheral Driver Development MCU Firmware Design M2M Wireless Technology ZigBee Wi-Fi TCP/IP Z-Wave GPRS 433MHz Smart Meter Interoperability Interoperable Standards: ZigBee SEP, SMETS, Siemens, Trilliant, Silver Spring, Itron Integrates Home Area Network with Smart Meter Retrieves and displays …

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