New report explores broadband consumer interests on efficiency programmes


29% Of US broadband households are very familiar with at least one energy programme, according to a new study conducted by Parks Associates.

The study ranks efficiency programmes with product rebates and those with purchase incentives as the most common amongst broadband households.

Key findings of the 360 Deep Dive: Incentivising Whole Home Energy Efficiency report include:

  • 21% of broadband households are very familiar with rebates and other incentives associated with the adoption of energy-efficient products
  • 5% of consumers have taken “extreme measures” to reduce their energy consumption.
  • Only 45% of consumers that are influenced by incentives would take the incentive if the programme were combined with a demand response programme.
  • 56% of U.S. broadband households believe that it is very important to have an energy efficient home, but only 16% believe that their personal habits are very energy efficient.

Tom Kerber, senior director of IoT strategy at Parks Associates, said: “Familiarity with energy programmes is strongest among affluent homeowners with high energy bills, young early adopters, and the early majority with high energy bills.

“Their desire to save money on high energy bills mixes with values for energy efficiency to drive awareness among these consumers. The challenge and opportunity for energy providers are in providing the right type of incentive to motivate people from interest to action.”

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From Smart Energy