New Google partnership to focus on energy internet of things


Stanford University, Google and SunTech Drive have partnered to research, develop and pilot energy internet of things technology.

Funded by the US Department of Energy under the Networks of Distributed Energy Systems initiative, the project aims to coordinate and control consumer loads and distributed energy resources.

SunTech Drive’s speed motor controllers will be used as end nodes to control multiple analog and digital sensors to create an intelligent system.

The project will also involve developing mechanisms for electric utilities to interact with individual loads using metadata schemas for both demand reduction and diversion load control.

Ana Radovanovic, research scientist at Google, said: “…The envisioned technology could revolutionise the IoT control in the domain of electric motors, by enabling a bi-directional, cloud-based communication and control for a wide variety of residential and industrial loads.”

“We are very excited to be partnering with such notable partners on a project with vast implications for the future of the grid,” said John LoPorto, chief executive officer of SunTech Drive.


From Smart Energy