Dothan pilots water and electric data acquisiton with single network

Nov. 16, 2018

In the US state of Alabama, the City of Dothan is partnering with Aclara to implement an advanced metering infrastructure pilot.

Aclara is providing its RF Point-to-Multipoint network to provide connectivity to 31,000 Aclara I-210+ and kV2c electric and 35,000 water meters.

Billy Mayes, Utility Director for the City of Dothan, said: “…the network offers us significant advantages over mesh networks that we had been considering, including enhanced speed and accuracy of outage notifications plus redundancy to ensure reliability.”

The smart metering solution will help the city to speed power outage response and to optimise grid operations through access to real-time operations on grid events.

Mayes added: “The system will also allow us to expand our AMI network to include smart sensors and enable smart city upgrades in the future.”

Allan Connolly, president of Aclara, added: “The fact that we can integrate water, gas and electric meters into a combo solution operating under a single headend software provides advantages including lower total cost of ownership over other technology and service providers once the whole network is installed.”

From Smart Energy