Survey finds utility customer confusion around IoT high

August 30, 2018

The results of a new survey have been released revealing consumer sentiment on IoT and connected home technologies.

Notably, less than 20% of people surveyed feel like they have a good understanding of what the Internet of Things is, however, nearly 70% of consumers already own at least one IoT device.

Nearly half of consumers are moderately to extremely concerned about privacy issues associated with IoT devices.

In addition, 84% of people would like the ability to monitor their utility usage in real-time with connected devices and would choose a utility provider over a competitor based on that ability if given a choice.

The survey was conducted by Metova, a provider of mobile, connected car, connected home and IoT solutions.

“Connected devices and real-time monitoring of water, gas and electrical usage have shifted from a novelty to necessity,” said Jonathan Sasse, CMO at Metova.

“Whether they know it or not, consumers have made the leap to the Internet of Things in and outside of their homes, yet businesses are often unsure of how to approach digital transformation in order to leverage this new realm.”

Furthermore, the survey found that Smart Thermostats and Smart Home Retrofit devices are the leading goods that are most interesting to people while Smart Bike Locks are the least interesting.

For an infographic with more detail or further survey results, click here.

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