Power Over Energy reaches milestone of 1 million facebook fans

June 7, 2018

Social media clean energy literacy initiative Power Over Energy has reached a milestone on its facebook page by surpassing 1 million fans.

The Power Over Energy campaign is backed by a coalition of governments and energy and environmental groups and aims to raise awareness around the impact of energy consumption, the potential of innovative solutions and the benefits of creating change.

The initiative says followers on its facebook page have increased owing to a combination of compelling content and a passionate and engaged following.

The Facebook page was launched in 2013 and features daily posts on energy topics including:

  • The environmental impact of energy decisions
  • New energy innovations
  • The benefits of smart city technologies
  • Renewable energy breakthroughs and milestones
  • Energy conservation tips
  • Consumer research such as the 2017 Smart Cities Study

Power Over Energy says it has gained a global following across Instagram, Twitter and YouTube as well.

Fans from 45 countries around the world follow the initiative on its social media platforms, including the United States, India, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, Nepal, Nigeria and United Arab Emirates.

Members of Power Over Energy include Itron, US Department of Energy, Smart Energy Consumer Collaborative, Clean Coalition, Environmental Defense Fund, Global Green U.S.A., Green Ninja, GridWise Alliance, Edison Foundation Institute for Electric Innovation, Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Sustainable Silicon Valley.

Maria Donovan, VP of global marketing at Itron, said:“The growth of our community to more than 1 million fans over the past five years demonstrates the universal interest and concern about our global energy challenges from people around the world.

“We’re both impressed and inspired by fans’ interest in learning about the impacts of energy consumption and sincerely appreciate their willingness to evangelise the organisation’s mission by sharing insight about the benefits of energy efficiency and the importance of modernising electricity grids around the world. By joining the global energy conversation, these Facebook fans are demonstrating a dedication to creating a better future together.”

From Metering.com