EnergyCite Series “A” Equity Offering

EnergyCite is preparing for its upcoming series “A” equity round. The proceeds will be used to take the company’s unique, patented, product line to market. The predicate is over 10 years of product development and marketing work which led to the wide spread adoption of the now ubiquitous “smart meter” by electrical utilities nationwide.

Our first step was to produce a very high impact 8 minute video along with 1 trailer and 4 short introductory videos. They are first class, uplifting, motivational, and full of sizzle. We engaged Sam Shane, a former television news anchorman with 32 years’ experience in the broadcast news business at CBS and NBC to write, direct, and produce the video pieces. Additionally he managed the rebuilding of the EnergyCite website. Sam Shane operates as Blue Dasher Media LLC at: This effort started on May 21, 2018 and was completed on June 25, 2018.

Immediately thereafter we will launch a $1.07 million series “A” round, priced at $3.00 per share. The company raised $3.1 million USD from Tom & Emily Tamarkin, friends, family, & early Reg “D” PPO investors. This early investment is referred to as initial seed capital and is fully explained at:

A representative list of SEC approved crowdfunding portal websites may be found at:

The “heavy lifting” has been done. We were successful at getting the State of California CPUC to mandate that the 3 largest investor owned electric utility companies in California replace 12.5 million old power meters with modern solid state meters with Wide Area Network radio and Local Area Network radio sets inside the smart meter. Through our efforts, this took hold all over the country. There is an installed base of close to 80 million such new meters nationwide with another 40 million to be deployed by 2022.

Again, because of our efforts as outlined at, we forced virtually all these new meters to contain the second local area network radio set. That means we now have an installed base of close to 80 million potential customers for our patented product. The system topology, smart meter, and specific functionality are the subject of 7 granted patents worldwide. These patents are explained and linked at: Our patent strategy is articulated at:

The product is, in its simplest from, a downloadable app for Apple and Samsung smart phones which “talks to” the customer’s “smart utility power meter.” This communications is wireless. We display real time energy use and accumulated use based on the data and determinants’ defining the utility’s billing cycle. As explained in our “White Paper,” the app also connects to our cloud data base and processing systems to optimize the customer’s use of energy thereby saving him money. Our White Paper is at:

Once this communications path is established, and the artificial intelligence engine in the cloud completes its customer and home learning curve, the system makes suggestions to the customer for improved cost savings through the do it yourself installation of wireless products such as thermostats, temperature & relative humidity sensors, HVAC zone controllers, smart plugs, smart appliances, and the like. Follow this link and click on the “Download Product Catalogue” link: The Download Products Catalogue link is under the video icon of Tom Tamarkin & Charlie Chen in China. You will note that the product line is fairly extensive and represents the investments we made over the past 10 years plus the investment our partner in China made to commercialize the products.

The upcoming series “A” equity offering will be made using the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or SEC’s new “regulation crowdfunding.” This is essentially the old Regulation “D” rule 504, but it allows the company to sell shares to anyone; not just accredited investors. More importantly it allows us to sell these shares using the internet and a SEC licensed portal. The SEC “Regulation Crowdfunding” is at:

EnergyCite will raise 1 million seventy thousand dollars ($1,070,000) through one or more equity crowdfund offerings. The shares will be priced at $3.00 each unless otherwise stated. The offering entity will be EnergyCite Inc. Once the offering is sold out we will conduct a reverse merger to acquire and maintain a $2.96 million federal tax loss carry forward resultant from the early product development and utility marketing work operating as USCL Corporation. USCL will undergo reorganization as part of its corporate revival. All early seed capital investor’s interests will be protected and maintained through this process.

Investor suitability rules apply pursuant to the Securities Exchange Commission Regulation D rule 504 & 505. Investments in the firm’s Reg CF may only be made through the equity crowdfunding portal. Risks and disclosures are outlined in the company’s private placement offering memorandum. Contact Tom Tamarkin for investment information at .