EnergyCite Business Plan Executive Summary

  • EnergyCite integrates home & small business Energy Management and Fintech1
  • The business model is based on a highly profitable mix of hardware & software based product
  • EnergyCite’s market is composed of homeowners & small business served by the installed base of smart meters
  • EnergyCite’s market channel is the nation’s electrical utility companies
  • EnergyCite’s retail level distribution channel will be a nationwide chain of DIY hardware suppliers
  • EnergyCite is directly responsible for virtually all smart meters in the U.S. to incorporate an unused Home Area Network data radio transceiver
  • This vast unused population of meter HAN transceivers will be leveraged to build a nationwide utility subscriber side billing and payment remittance network & energy management service
  • The implementation of these meter radio sets and related communications systems requires the utility to practice EnergyCite IP controlled by three Tamarkin, et al., U.S. patents
  • EnergyCite will submit a United States government DOE ARPA-E project proposal and associated beta site network funding request at the launch of its business
  • The ARPA-E sponsored beta site project results will be used in the organization of a consortium of utility companies nationwide licensed to practice the intellectual property
  • EnergyCite will seek a “presidential proclamation” recognizing the smart meter and home energy network as a consumer tool to save money and reduce energy consumption contributing to the national security
  • EnergyCite has prepared a best practices white paper titled Smart Energy Smart Home which describes system and marketplace attributes

1Fintech is technology which enables real time internet based financial transactions associated with billing and payment remittance.