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Our business is to help the nation’s electric, gas and water utility companies increase their customers' level of satisfaction..

We do this by offering utilities a locally branded custom program to offer their customers energy conservation and money saving products.
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EnergyCite creates a large and lasting recurring revenue stream for our stakeholders through our unique set of value propositions to the utilities and their customers.

Our utility account payment program allows customers to pay their bills from their smart phone at their convenience. Pay monthly, weekly or even daily as cash permits. Funds are electronically transferred at the press of a button.

Our PowerMasters Video Games make saving energy fun and easy

Our patent pending EnerG Link™ is a unique method of activating the consumer home area network radio inside the utility smart meter and establishing data communications between the meter, home energy management devices, and smart phones.
Our U.S. & foreign patents cover the data communications system topology graphically described by the diagram to the left.

The diagram shows the smart meter and its connectivity with the eight functional devices or services, plus the ability of the utility to connect or disconnect electrical service remotely, using internal switches within the smart meter.
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Our business strategy develops a recurring revenue stream secured by the customer’s electric utility account. We use subscription cloud services as the artificial intelligence leading to lower energy bills. This further insures long term customer relationships. We leverage the nation's electrical utility companies to reach 100 million potential customers. This expands to cover natural gas and water management.

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Why 50 million smart meters still haven’t fixed America’s energy habits

Five years ago came the promise: A great new way of saving money on your energy bills was on its way. An impressive new device called a “smart meter” — a key component of the much touted “smart grid” — would let consumers actually see how much power they’re using in their homes, thus empowering them to change their habits and slash their bills.

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