Underlying Principles and Premise

The EnergyCite® PowerMaster™ game series will be a winner
The premise & through line show why
  1. The degree of engagement and entertainment of the game based on its playability and themes will be top flight by gamer standards.  The game will “go viral” on social media.

  2. EnergyCite’s crowd funding campaign will be very professionally structured and managed to produce “run-away” results using the proven techniques of highly successful campaigns which have raised over $100 million for game projects.

  3. The EnergyCite® “look & feel” and development phase crowd funding campaign use of animated trailers will be similar to that of Blizzard Entertainment.

  4. The millennial generation will be engaged because it shows how mankind may have created problems and suppressed other problems. Energy is the center of both sets of problems. The solution to the energy problem, may be known but not by the public. Solving this problem can become the passionate goal of the younger generation now looking for goals to champion. Dr. Dennis Prager, author and radio commentator, addresses the current lack of a national goal in this short video.

  5. Utility Bill payers can be hooked by the ability to use the USCL EnergyCite® smart meter based electricity monitoring and control to SAVE MONEY

  6. AGW has created a $1.5 trillion USD empire which does not solve the perceived problem it attempts to address.

  7. The BIG problem to solve is the fact that 70% of the world only has a fraction of the per capita energy that Americans enjoy; there are over 1.3 billion people who live without electricity.

  8. Fossil fuels; i.e., coal, natural gas and petroleum are finite.  If we use them at present rate they are depleted beyond economic recovery by the end of this century.

  9. In order to raise the per capita income level of that 70% of the world’s poor; we would have to increase current energy production by a factor of 8.  Thus, 100 years of fossil fuel supply based on current consumption would be consumed in 12.5 years!

  10. Solar, wind, and the like may not be solutions for baseload (power grid level) energy; they are part of the scheme to provide a false sense of security to the people and keep the subsidized money flowing for R&D in fields that will produce nothing material.

  11. AGW may not be the really big issue.  Why?  Because the A in AGW may not be proven today one way or the other but that does not matter. Investing in AGW mitigation per se, is not be the wisest use of funds.

  12. Economically recoverable fossil fuels will be used up over the next 100 years no matter what happens.  People may demonstrate and complain about AGW as a cause but try taking away their electricity, cars, ability to travel by air, and all the food and consumer products energy is used to make….  The REAL problem to solve is to insure the safety and happiness of people’s children and grandchildren by solving energy beyond fossil fuels.

    If we do nothing and if AGW is real and caused by the use of fossil fuels, that problem is solved in less than 100 years because that fuel is used up and beyond that billions of people will die because they cannot be sustained on solar cells and wind turbines.  So the REAL problem to solve is developing a source of energy capable of bringing per capita energy levels near current western country levels for all people in the world for hundreds…thousands…of years.

  13. This is summarized in our Fusion Energy Elevator Speech.

  14. The country and companies that do the above will control tremendous financial wealth based on the IP, know-how and head start to make it happen.  This is the ONLY way the current nearly $19 trillion U.S. national debt can ever be paid off.

  15. People should not attack the fossil fuel industry today because along with nuclear, it is the only way to maintain our 21st Century Western live styles and standards of living. It will take 25 years to prove and commercialize fusion energy and another 10 to 15 to begin infrastructure deployment which is a time frame consistent with fossil fuel availability based on increased production.

    Furthermore the nuclear industry should not be attacked or shunned and more emphasis needs to be placed on the immediate development of modern safe fission technology as part of the bridge to the future.

  16. People must not attack the scientific community who is skeptical of the climate change alarmists community and embrace true scientific debate not media frenzy name calling. Continued open and honest scientific analysis of AGW-climate must be encouraged with no preconceived biases.

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