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Tom Tamarkin Smart Meter Television News Coverage

WCBS, Channel 2, New York City features Tom Tamarkin and USCL.

KOVR CBS Sacramento, CA, features Tom Tamarkin and USCL's smart meter and EMS-2020

KPIX, CBS Channel 5, San Francisco features Tom Tamarkin and USCL's smart meter & EMS-2020

Watch former president Obama on Smart Meters

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Why 50 million smart meters still haven’t fixed America’s energy habits

Five years ago came the promise: A great new way of saving money on your energy bills was on its way. An impressive new device called a “smart meter” — a key component of the much touted “smart grid” — would let consumers actually see how much power they’re using in their homes, thus empowering them to change their habits and slash their bills.

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