Business Opportunity:

EnergyCite LTD is seeking corporate partners who have a strategic interest in cloud based services, home automation, Internet of Things (IoT,) utility smart meters, energy & water conservation, and the integration of utility services to enhance customer service. This integration is covered in our white paper, Smart Energy – Smart Home; Cloud based consumer home automation for electricity, water, & gas management.

This includes IoT devices and local interconnectivity. The “cloud” can be utilized for artificial intelligence based computational analysis and control. 

Electrical utilities have installed over 65 million modern smart meters over the last 10 years. The majority of these meters contain an internal wireless data communication device to send real time energy load and cost information to customer owned devices such as smart appliances, energy controllers and smart phones. Most utilities have been reticent on explaining this to their customers and taking on the related device management activities. This represents a significant base of installed yet latent technology and infrastructure that can quickly be converted to revenue producing assets

As an example, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E,) based in San Francisco, CA sent a brochure to over 3.5 million electrical residential customers in July 2010 describing the new smart meters and the dual wireless radios inside along with plans to allow customers to use the Home Area Network radio in the “future.” As of November 2016, PG&E has not made this available except on very limited pilot projects.

An electrical utility and vendor consortium will be formed to partner with the nation’s 3,000+ electrical utility companies who have established unbreakable relationships with over 130 million power customers in America; private branding will be based on the local utility and EnergyCite’s lead corporate partner.

Mission Statement

EnergyCite’s mission is to collaborate with electric, gas and water utilities to empower their customers with products and services that optimize energy efficiency thereby saving the consumer money and contributing to the conservation of national energy resources.

Core Values & Governance Statement

EnergyCite shall be managed to maximize its market valuation and return on investment of all its resources entrusted to management while attaining a significant per annum growth in yearly revenues through the skillful management of innovation, communications, and control fields, consistent with the entrepreneurial values and beliefs of its founders, directors, and stakeholders, which shall become manifest to serve its constantly expanding base of customers through the provision of excellent products and service, thereby inuring to the benefit and betterment of EnergyCite’s stakeholders, community, the public and its government.

Business Goals:

To offer to the American people a set of products which wirelessly connect to the installed base of electrical utility smart meters which help people manage their electricity consumption based on real-time power usage and cost data.

The company will develop a unique approach to utilize the nation’s electric utility companies as the marketing channel to a total available market in excess of 100 million potential customers.

This market channel consisting of the nation’s Investor Owned Utilities, Rural Electric Cooperatives, Public Power Authority enabled Municipal Operated Utilities, and Federal Irrigation District utilities will be used to advertise and promote the company’s products and services. Specific branded customer engagement programs will be produced for each utility.

A nationwide network of product installation, customer support, and warranty service will be established.

Revenue Producing Products:

Recurring revenue producing through utility company:
  • IP (system topology patents) licensing to the utility company based on the need of the single end user to practice this IP + more.
    The Patents identified on the home page of this EnergyCite website must be practiced by the utility company. The utility company is the “single end user” because they own the power meter, the LAN to WAN gateway inside the power meter, and enable the utility customer to connect devices to the network via the LAN and internet. These patents cover system topology as opposed to any particular piece of hardware or hardware design. Thus the utility companies will be licensed through a consortium or users' group to prevent them from infringing on the IP and thereby be subjected to legal remedies. As part of EnergyCite’s early company development it is producing a series of claim charts which will be incorporated into utility presentations making the case. The licensing fee is recurring so long as the utility uses the smart meters and for the term of specific patents.

    - less.

  • EnergyCite Consortium LAN data management for utilities + more.
    EnergyCite’s products communicate with the smart meter using a ZigBee protocol 2 way data transmission. Internal to the smart meter is a ZigBee transceiver which is capable of passing through data to and from the utility computer systems to the EnergyCite devices as well as the ability to poll and write to certain meter data registers as defined in the ANSI meter data communications specifications. This allows the EnergyCite local system to extract parameters such as volts, amperes, watts, kilowatts, accumulated kwh, Time of Use interval bin data, power quality data and other key parameters. Each new smart meter contains this LAN transceiver. However in most cases they are not activated. Utilities are reluctant to activate the LAN transceivers and manage them. Thus EnergyCite LTD will build and maintain a national data base of meter LAN transceivers and manage their set up and use customer by customer, as a value added service to the utilities who otherwise would not make this capability available to their customers.

    - less.

  • Cloud based artificial intelligence automation control & analytics + more.
    EnergyCite LTD anticipates partnering and contracting with cloud service providers to make use of subscription based data analytics, control and artificial intelligence products such as the Microsoft Azure and Cortana products. These services are used to “learn” home owner’s preferences regarding life style and budget and fine tune the home or office based on real time prevailing data. This becomes the “heart & brain” of the energy management system.

    - less.

  • Pay as you go billing plan; transactional fee based
One off hardware product sales:
  • Wireless ZigBee compliant smart meter adapter device
  • Smart phone application programs
  • Home automation controller (hub)
  • Smart plugs
  • Smart thermostat with Relative Humidity
  • Temperature sensors
  • Ground water moisture sensors
  • Security sensors; i.e. motion detection, door, & window intrusion
+ more.
  • EnergyCite’s partner, Owon Technology, manufactures our hardware and develops associated software and firmware.
  • EnergyCite’s Tom Tamarkin & Owon technologies's CEO, Charlie Chen discuss capabilities in Zhangzhou, Fujian, China. video.
  • Product features and specifications

- less.

Distinctive competencies:

  • Management’s in depth understanding of the utility industry and its regulatory restrictions
  • Understanding of the need and means to integrate real time home load data from smart meter to IoT based home automation
  • Detailed understanding of the smart meters and the ANSI defined data tables
  • Ability to quickly organize & build utility & vendor consortium – users group
  • Scientific & engineering understanding to develop advanced cloud based home & conservation tuning artificial intelligence
  • Utility cash flow and billing system integration to mesh with EnergyCite’s proposed pay as you go service with electronic funds collection & transfer

EnergyCite Core technologies:

  • Meter to device hardware/software
  • IoT based sensors, controllers, thermostats and system software

Unfair Business Advantages:

  • Granted U.S. & Israel patents covering smart meters, mobile smart phones, & IoT system topology.
  • Founder’s 30 years’ + experience with the utility meter data acquisition, billing and reporting system industry including regulatory compliance. + more.

    EnergyCite LTD founder, Tom Tamarkin

    - less.

  • EnergyCite sister company, USCL, spent ten years developing the market place leading to an installed base of >65 million smart meters on track to expand to 100 million by 2020. Technology has been developed and a patent portfolio of 5 patents has been maintained. USCL maintains a significant federal tax loss carry forward resultant from product development, marketing, and patent prosecution expenses which will be applied to EnergyCite LTD through a reverse merger.

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